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That’s right, instead of settling for an apartment, he went for a 128-square-foot truck ? for a price of $2,000.

?I realised I was paying an exorbitant amount of money for the apartment I was staying in ? and I was almost never home,? he said.?

?It?s really hard to justify throwing that kind of money away. You?re essentially burning it ? you?re not putting equity in anything and you?re not building it up for a future ? and that was really hard for me to reconcile.?

Besides?one friendly run-in with security?after getting home late from a movie one evening, his truck lifestyle hasn’t been a problem.?

Humorously, he was greeted by ten security personnel, but after showing them his corporate badge???and even offering to move the truck???they apologised for waking him and even said he had a “sweet setup.”?

The truck lifestyle, he suggested, forces him outside of his comfort zone, an essential learning experience considering he hopes to travel the world.

“If I do plan on traveling the world, I’ll need to be comfortable with unconventional living situations, and this is certainly a good place to start,”?he said. “Plus, there is never going to be a better time in my life for me to try this. I’m young, flexible, and I don’t have to worry about this decision affecting anyone else in my life.”

But the truck lifestyle isn’t the preserve of employees! Despite a reported net worth of $820m, the CEO of Zappos calls a 240 square foot Airstream trailer home.

The trailer park is “crammed with shiny silver Airstreams that are rented out to visiting computer coders,” according to David Gelles at The Times.?

?I’ve probably lived in ten places in my entire life, and this is definitely my favourite so far,? said Hsieh.

He added: ?It?s definitely a unique experience. It allows me to be more creative, in a way, because it helps me concentrate on what?s important.?

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