The definitive business advent calendar: 6 December – A waste of money…

So far this month we’ve detailed Mark Zuckerberg’s annual $1 salary, explained why the rule of three is so powerful and explored the claim that you only need to work four hours a week to be successful.

Next up is the number six, and for this day it relates to the £6,000 figure new research has suggested entrepreneurs and business builders without an office spend each year between meetings.

That’s right, at an average of £24 per working day! The Clubhouse research found entrepreneurs spend an average of £700 a week – 16 per cent of which goes towards passing the time between meetings.

Financing food, drink, hotel rooms, newspapers, taxis and other costs, it appears the life of a company owner means their plastic is regularly being abused.

We all know that getting out there for a little face time with existing and potential customers is a big part of making a success of your venture, but the £6,000 figure is surely enough to make entrepreneurs throughout the land shudder – as well as their significant other.

Read more about expenses:

So, how does an entrepreneur’s weekly shop go? According to The Clubhouse, it averages out as the following.

Overnight accommodation: £382.84
Dinner: £132.58
Taxis: £58.04
Lunch: £49.14
Breakfast: £20.72
Snacks: £20.50
Coffee: £16.06
Teas: £14.00
Newspapers/magazines: £7.40

Total: £701.28

On top of the costs, entrepreneurs are apparently wasting up to three hours a week of productivity in between meetings. It’s news that will surely have bosses at the likes of Pret A Manger, Starbucks and Costa licking their lips.

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