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The entrepreneur’s Shakespeare

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We Put Our Money In The BankNow It’s Just Not ThereThey Say Our Money Has DisappearedNow We’re In Despair

We Believed Our Money With The BankWas Safe Down In The VaultNow They’ve Gone And Lost ItAnd It’s Not Even Our Fault

They Say It’s Called A Credit CrunchAll Across The NationYou Can Call it Wot You LikeWhere’s My Compensation?

They Paid Themselves With Our CashAnd Couldn’t Give A TossWhat Happened To The WorkersO You Clever Boss?

So Well Paid And Hidden AwayOn Your Country EstateIf We Sound Bitter It’s BecauseWe Made One Big Mistake

We gave You All Our MoneyYou Smiled And Said It Would GrowNow You’ve Gone And Lost it AllAnd We Have Nothing To ShowO You Clever Boss

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