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The European Union: We are witnessing the end of the empire

It is not surprising the EU is in terminal decline when you realise that 10,000 of its unelected and protected mandarins are paid more than our prime minister. This gilded house of power is presided over by Jean-Claude Juncker, the ex-prime minister of Luxembourg ? a country only known for providing tax avoidance on a grand scale. Is it any wonder that such a system produces ineptitude and catastrophe across its 28 satellite states year in, year out

The 10,000 and their bag carriers have failed the empires populace in all respects. Euro economies lie in tatters everywhere. Many will never be able to bring their nations debts down to sustainable levels. Between 20 and 30 per cent of the cream of their youth lie idle. The share of world output accounted for by the 28 current members of the EU has fallen from 30 per cent to 16.5 per cent from 1980 to 2016. 

None other than Pope Francis in a recent interview made an interesting observation on some of the inevitable consequences when he said: They (the media) dont realise that young people dont want to marry, that the falling birthrate in Europe should make us weep, that there is a lack of jobs, there are fathers and mothers taking on two jobs and children are growing up on their own without having their parents around .

Moving from God to mammon, have you noticed that it is a great swathe of those who have founded and built their own successful businesses that are campaigning to leave, whereas those in big business wishing to remain tend to be the journeymen who have stepped into ready-made corporations with ready-made packages Prominent self-made Brexiteers include Anthony Bamford, Richard Caudwell, James Dyson, Robert Hiscox, Jeremy Hosking, Tim Martin and Charles Ross. Meanwhile in the “remain camp” lies the salaried bosses of the likes of Airbus, Asda, Astra Zeneca, BAE Systems, BP, BT, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Marks & Spencer, and Vodafone.

Politically the Empire has also failed its peoples. The very fact that we are having this referendum is an indicator of that. Even in France, that bastion of European political integration, it is reported this month by the Pew Research Centre that just 38 per cent of their citizens have a favourable view of the EU. The situation is so chaotic that Brussels has already lost the ability to make Hungary and Poland obey its basic political principle of free speech as the media is now under State control in those former communist territories.

Read more about the Brexit debate:

Of course EU foreign policy has been inept for years. Back in 1995 when the US brokered “The Dayton Accord,” which brought the bloody Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian conflict to an end, the EU was totally ineffectual. Indeed the EU representatives  were excluded from almost all the critical negotiating sessions. In its internal history of the deal, the State Department revealed that Holbrookes team felt the Europeans had done more to sabotage the talks than help . They were further humiliated by being subjected to full security searches as they moved around the base, while their Americans and Balkan counterparts were allowed to pass unhindered. The head of the French delegation, Jacques Blot, drew the line at sniffer dogs. For the dignity of France,” he reportedly declared, I will not be sniffed.

Right now we are all having to deal with total failure of the empire to come up with a considered and effective response to wishes of millions of political and economic refugees to start their lives again in Europe. In its place has come a unilateral shoddy little agreement stitched together by Angela Merkel and that bastion of free speech, Recep Erdogan. By the way can anyone reading this name the current EU Foreign Affairs Minister Or, to give the office it’s more empirelike official title, The High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Thought not. It is Federica Mogherini. She is from Italy, since you ask.

And then there is security. This has been thrown into sharp focus, firstly by the empires so badly misjudged expansionist policy that it has even managed to wake the Russian Bear in the Ukraine, and secondly (horribly cruel irony of ironies) by major terrorist atrocities in the Brussels/Paris heart of the Empire. Weirdly some souls in the Remain Campaign have been putting it about that if we Brexit our security will be impaired. What security would that be The empire has no army to speak of and if its Intelligence gathering is so good why has France been under a State of Emergency for the last seven months As ever we will continue to look to NATO and the efforts of our own Intelligences services to keep us as safe as possible. The EU is nothing but a chocolate soldier.

In summary the empire of the EU is now a rotting carcass. If we stay we run the risk of being ever more infected by its demise. The idea that this is a flourishing, dynamic ,outward looking entity is so absurd it wouldnt even pass muster as a comedy routine. Instead it is turning in on itself every day. The empire has failed its people. 

On Thursday 23 June, the UK will vote on whether it wishes to remain in the EU. Karen Bexley, head of employment law at MLP Law, takes a look at the Brexit debate and gives comment on some of the potential changes to employment law following the referendum.



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