The FD verdict: What’s keeping finance directors awake at night?

It only takes a damning headline, errant dictator, change of government or unanticipated interest rate hike, to send business confidence, and investment, spiralling.

It is the job of the finance director, of course, to balance growth and ambition with caution and risk management. It is the finance director who must weigh up the threats that the world has to offer and act accordingly.

So in the first of Real FDs’ weekly surveys of FD sentiment, we want to know what it is that is keeping finance directors awake at night. Is it the prospect of Scottish independence? Is it a wavering Mark Carney, a stuttering Eurozone economy or the General Election of 2015? Which unknown is causing you the most anxiety?

Please take two minutes to answer this single question survey and find out if your fears are also those of your peers.

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