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The five best and worst office views that Britain has to offer

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The five worst office views

(1) Farnborough, Hampshire

Being considered the worst isn’t always a bad thing. Melanie Jones, an operations manager from Farnborough, found that out by winning the honour of owning the worst office view.

“When I first saw the competition on Twitter, I had to laugh at the other worst office entries, compared to mine they seemed heavenly!,” Jones said.

“My office looks out onto a tiny flat roof area with an air conditioning unit which makes so much noise that I can barely hear people talk. Rather ironically, it forces hot air into my office too, so not so good when the weather is warm.”

Like Andrew Atterwill, winner of the best view, Jones will also receive £75 worth of travel vouchers.


(2) London

If you work in the capital, you’ll know the experience can sometimes feel like prison. Just look to the tube strikes, which have people daydreaming of flying on Harry Potter’s broomstick or cruising in a boat owned by James Bond, for the sort of horrific entrapment that may be comparable to a night in a cell

Unfortunately for this city worker, it looks as though their office is actually situated in a prison, with nothing more to view throughout the day than rundown blinds and, should they escape through the window, a set of iron bars.


(3) Wirral, Merseyside

If first impressions count for everything, could you imagine how you’d feel as a new recruit being shown around the office to discover this mess? Or worse – finding out your desk was facing it.

The previous London office may have bars outside, but this Wirral location is so determined to keep criminals out – or staff caged – that it has bars fixed to the actual window frame.

Maybe the rubbish outside is simply a clever deterrent to make crooks turn away, never to discover the treasures the office actually houses.


(4) Northern Ireland

This is no ordinary office.

In fact, it’s set on an oil rig. This may be more bearable in sunnier climes, but in Northern Ireland you’re guaranteed that wet and gloom will be on the cards.

A recent study has found that location is the most important factor to keep people in their jobs, so it’s safe to assume that this worker may be looking elsewhere for a new career.


(5) Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

The aforementioned report also found that a fifth of people claim their productivity is affected negatively based on location. We can only assume that having to stare at this bundle of weeds results in frequent desk-based naps, but least the greenery will provide plenty of clean air.

“Some of us aren’t so fortunate, with views looking straight out onto air conditioning units, brick walls or bird poo stained windows. With some of the best office view entries we received, we don’t think we’d ever get any work done as we’d be too busy gazing out of the window,” a MobileSlots spokesperson said.

“The worst office views might be uninspiring but at least there won’t be any distraction in the workplace. If your view is atrocious, this competition has proved you can still have a laugh about in the office.”

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