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The five hottest gadgets for high-flying UK business leaders

(3) Z-Track / Z-Zap

Wrist-based wearables are arguably the most common type of device in that particular bracket, aided by smartwatches from the likes of Apple and fitness trackers such as Fitbit.

However, MvBii Ventures is out to make its mark on the wearable scene with the Z-Track and Z-Zap device, which embrace the idea of a balanced lifestyle instead of just detecting activity.

The company actually claims forty-somethings can add ten years to their life expectancy, having worked with the David Hewson, professor of health and ageing at the University of Bedfordshire. The findings said that strategic activity and rest throughout the day is better than activity alone, while the devices arent just for weekend gym warriors .

The lifestyle trackers connect to Android and iOS apps.

Price: Z-Track RRP 44.99 / Z-Zap RRP 37.99

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(4) X-2 Sport

The yin to MvBiis yang, Supermarinovations X-2 Sport underwater jetpack is all about activity. In fact, users are challenged by the company to unleash their inner superhero.

Propelling thrill-seekers along at speeds of up to 6mph, users will coast through waters faster than an Olympic swimmer, while there will be less need for scuba gear now that explorations can be completed at a much faster rate.

The X-2 Sport will run for an hour on a single charge and it has been in development for three years, but 2016 has seen the business secure funding and begin sale of the goods. Just imagine cruising through the waters with an X-2 on the tropical paradise that is Thanda Island.

Price: RRP 1,400

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(5) EHang 184

If the Uniwheel on the previous page doesnt do it for you then perhaps the EHang 184 will. While it may never reach the mass market, the human-sized drone can carry one passenger at speeds of up to 60mph.

Dubbed an autonomous aerial vehicle, it’s built as an eco-friendly solution for transport over short distances its flight time is just 23 minutes, so dont get any ideas about a crafty business trip for one to Las Vegas.

The 184 takes up to four hours to charge and weighs just 200kg, while it comes equipped with WiFi and air conditioning for those moments when you need to send company emails on the move at the height of summer.

Regulations would make it tricky to procure one of the flight machines, but who knows whats possible with the right positive mental attitude (and bribery).

Its been suggested the company only created the 184 as a means of drawing attention to its Ghostdrone 2.0, which ticks all of the usual drone boxes such as video and photo capture rather than private transport. Still, think of all of the spying you can do on staff with one of the Ghosts.

Price: EHang 184 RRP 150-200,000 / Ghostdrone 2.0 RRP 420

Its possible you may have a gadget in your possession already MasterCard has signed up to power payments on high-end timepieces from the likes of Hublot and Bulgari.


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