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The five most frustrating types of employee

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1. The openly anti-company employee

You will certainly be aware of these and most employees will be too. The problem is that this group tread a fairly neat line between what can and can’t be dealt with in disciplinary situations.

Subtle is absolutely not their style. They will go in for eye rolling, openly interrupting or ignoring you in meetings and being totally disrespectful; they will use humour if they can but in every possible way disrespect what you are trying to achieve but in general are constantly pessimistic.

They have a charming habit of always complaining, without stating they will do the job. They will resist all suggestions without stopping to consider them and be openly combative and resistant during exchanges, refusing to listen to others. They will openly fail to follow procedure on the basis that they know best.

 They are deceptive even to themselves and do not advance them self or volunteer for training and educational opportunities. They tend to hide results cover up or deflect instead of asking for help.Their minds are firmly shut and they are completely resistant to change and given to sulks and revenge rather than compromise

2. The behind the scenes anti-company employee

This is a slightly more subtle version but potentially more damaging and are a highly manipulative group; they will trash superiors and peers alike if it suits them. They criticize everything from the light bulbs onwards. 

They are experts in pushing peoples buttons and thrive on creating chaos they will wait till after the meeting to whip round and put their reasons as to why whatever was proposed won’t work. On a day to day basis they will subtly encourage other team members as to why management are in the wrong.

3. The gossips 

This lot take pleasure in not saying anything good about anyone for the pure sake of saying it rather than an end means. They interfere where ever they can, they use company information to their own ends and can be relied on to miss-use it outside the company. Their gossip belittles people, is totally narcissi and generally leads to members of staff at all levels suffering humiliation, disrespect and levels of harassment.

4. The sloths 

Capable people who are just so lazy they turn it into an art form without meaning ill; They are bad on timekeeping and attendance. They will do nothing unless micro managed and never self motivate. They perfect going slower if others are running behind and more work might be allocated to them in a crisis. 

They will cover up their errors; they have a never ending supply of excuses for failing to meet deadlines; They become defensive and resistant to accepting responsibility They are not particularly interested in self progression.

5. The totally selfish

This group dont care if their friends are ill leave alone their manager they will never help out. They will never work overtime unless they need the money. They are quick to grab the credit if they are responsible or not but are masters of excuses as to why anything that goes wrong is someone elses fault or responsibility. 

Their performance is always hit and miss because they dont really care about the outcome. They are given to amnesia over instructions and never ask for explanations if they didnt understand an instruction.. They will never bother to check their own work because the result isnt on their priority list and how the company performs is of deep disinterest. 

The one thing they all have in common is a capacity to bring a company to its knees.

Jan Cavelle is founder of the Jan Cavelle Furniture Company



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