The five times small businesses were forced to change name – or face legal proceedings

(5) Albion Cafe vs. Albion

None other than renowned designer Terence Conran made a Liverpool restaurant the subject of his disapproval, demanding it case all use of the world “Albion”.

Conran, famous for his eponymous shop and also in the restaurant and writing circles, reportedly trademarked the name Albion in 2009. The millionaire took issue with the northern eatery, which had to cower to legal pressure and now goes by Albina.

Alex McElhoney, who owns Albina, said at the time: “I’d never heard of Albion Cafe to be honest. I registered the company some time ago but didn’t think to check for trademarks as Albion is the oldest name for Britain.”

“We’ve had brilliant support from our regular diners as it is a clear case of the poor little northerners being attacked by the rich elite down south.

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