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The five wildly wacky jobs that are up for grabs in 2016

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After Standout CV pulled together ten alternative job postings available in 2016, Real Business decided to pick our five favourites ones which really called for head scratching.

(1) Placenta chef

Available at an “undisclosed” restaurant soon to begin serving in London, the position will be filled by someone who will be able to take “natural” ingredients to a whole new level.

Previous experience of cooking with placenta is required, and the going rate for a job in this field appears to be 15 per hour.

(2) Chick sexers

Yes, you heard that right. Advertised the the British Poultry Council, this job involves working out if a chick is male or female and comes with a 40,000 starting salary.

How does one decipher the sex of a chick I hear you ask Well, you squeeze a little poo out and then check for a bump for a male or no bump for a female of course! You’ll apparently need three years of training once in the job.

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(3) Beer smeller

Everybody’s favourite “out there” beer brand is on the hunt for a beer smeller, someone who can wok out the “best attributes” of each drink.

Scottish brand BrewDog will be making someone a sensory analyst at its Aberdeen base, and is looking for a background including a science degree. The successful candidate will be able to negotiate a salary that matches their expertise.

(4) Train pusher

It might not be a problem at this time of the year on your commute, but we’ve all had to deal with a crowded train carriage or two.

Japan has come up with a unique solution to the issue by recruiting train pushers whose job it is to cram those last few people on board and make sure the door closes. The salary for this one is unknown, but apparently it’s a popular job for students.

(5) Dog poop picker upper

Only the US could have a Poop Troops Pet Waste Removal Service, but for $10-$12 an hour it’s possible to make a living by picking up canine excrement.

The job posting calls for someone who is not frightened of dogs and is up for working outdoors in all weathers. The squeamish need not apply.

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