The humorous highlights of the 2015 UK general election

One of the most watched videos has been of Cameron cracking a joke in parliament to the tune of Sean Paul’s ?Breathe?. The footage features Cameron responding to Stephen Pound’s question of whether he was willing to disassociate himself from the ?snobbish and disdainful? bingo and beer advertisements tweeted by Grant Shapps.

Of course, his response started a #thuglife Twitter trend.

Cameron also made the mistake of forgetting the date of the general election. During a campaign speech in Enfield, where he tried to justify the shocking GDP figures, he told?staff at radar firm Kelvin Hughes: “I have a guarantee if I’m your prime minister after the 9th…”

After the 7 May…

Of course, someone managed to snap the below live footage of Farage.

Boris Johnson?recently compared Nicola Sturgeon and Miliband?to dogs.?Johnson?told The Sun?that a Labour-SNP government would be “supine, useless [and] federalist”.

He added: “Sturgeon will be the poodle of Brussels and Miliband will be the chihuahua. If you want change in Europe you have got to vote Conservative.?

And remember the Photoshop experts behind masterpieces such as Milibond and Ediana Jones? We’re waiting for something to pop up. In the mean time, they took hold of Cameron’s?claim of having “a tiger, a lion, a yeti”. It was in response to a question asking if he had a “tiger in his tank“.

The result:

Perhaps the strangest revelation has been that Nick Clegg can save his party from electoral oblivion by using his eyebrows.

It seems that the deputy?prime minister?uses his eyebrows better than any of the other party leaders when he wants to use emphasis to make a point.

Katie Hopkins?has rather unsurprisingly been working on a guide to help Brits decide which party to vote for.

We’ll leave you with this Marvin Gaye video from Sky News that features Farage, Natalie Bennett, Clegg and Leanne Wood in various pouting poses.

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