The ideas floweth

Although Second-in-Charge and I have, yet again, been bogged down in an autumn of overwork and stress, I recognise there is enough good stuff in this company to give a bright future and it is worth one more effort.

After weeks of wishing I was anywhere else on earth, I suddenly see that a compromise is the way forward and, having got that far, ideas and plans start flowing again. Re-read the business plan we drew up back in July and as always, realise how far we had strayed from it – not so much from the smaller things but from some of the big principles! Immediately vowed to re-write it – and that has spun into new ideas which, in turn, has inspired a fountain of contributory ideas from Second-in-Charge. Yet again realise that all the best ideas come from when I am working at home and my value of spending hours actually in factory should be limited to meetings and training systems (therefore only some 50 per cent of time).  Having some positive plans has worked wonders. Only the minor matter of sleep to catch up on now. 

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