The Key to mobile working?

Octopus Ventures has invested £1.25m (€1.6m) in the Key Revolution for a “substantial holding” in the company.

The Key Revolution was created by a group of ex-Vodafone employees in 2007 to licence and commercialise technology patented by the mobile giant. The business offers nomadic computer users a secure and portable office solution through the company’s patented USB key, Mobiu.

The key is activated when users insert the device into a computer’s USB port and enter a PIN, which is authenticated against a central database. Customers can then create or edit their documents and store these securely online through MobiVault, the company’s remotely hosted server.

In addition, users can browse the internet and collaborate with other Mobiu users in secure MobiRooms from any location. No user footprint remains on the PC and all data is saved on the device.

The company commenced beta testing in February 2008 and is expected to launch its full commercial offering in the summer.

Vodafone has a substantial stake in the business.

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