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The chief strategy officer is a fairly new term and the roles and responsibilities can vary significantly from organisation to organisation. The Chief Strategy Officer Summit will bring together the most senior strategy professionals to discuss issues surrounding strategic agility, execution, global strategy & organisational change.

The role of the Chief Strategy Officer is constantly evolving and these changes present both new challenges and opportunities for strategy executives leading the way in their organisations.

The Chief Strategy Officer Summit is taking place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London on the 29th & 30th April and will explore the topics that matter most to today’s strategy executives, including global strategy, strategy execution, strategic agility and organisational change.

The agenda will feature presentations, interactive panel sessions, workshops and breakouts to maximise participation and networking between attendees. Amongst the stellar line up of strategy professionals is Jeroen de Waal, head of strategy at Philips.

In his presentation, ‘From Thomas Edison to a Smart Light bulb; How to Strategically Manage the Dual Game of Re-Defining & Defining a Business,’ de Waal will discuss challenges & experiences in his role. 

The presentation will address how a company like Philips Lighting, which operates largely in traditional lamp manufacturing, is dealing strategically with the rapidly changing competitive landscape caused by the rise in lighting technology and changes in government legislation. 

De Waal will explain how Philips are combining strategic deep dive projects and long-term scenario planning with key innovation experiments and how this strategy led to the development of the Philips Hue smartphone connected LED lightbulb.

He will be joined by 30+ of strategy’s most innovative minds, including the chief strategy officers from Unibet & ING and heads of strategy from YouTube, Everything Everywhere, AMEC, GE, BT and Citi.

“This summit will unite strategy professionals from different backgrounds, but with the same goals for strategic agility and global strategy” said Richard Angus, International Events Director at Innovation Enterprise, “Attendees will collaborate and see strategy from differing perspectives, with new ideas to take back to the office.”

For the complete list of speakers, agenda and registration details visit the Chief Strategy Officer Summit.

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