The lavish first class suites that airlines have to offer

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic claims its upper class suite makes travelling a true pleasure . A touch of a button converts the seats into a flat bed without any assistance from staff required, while personal wakeup calls can be requested.

A live news feed will keep passengers abreast of developments, while each seat comes with power for those dedicated workers who want to hit the ground running when they arrive.

Slightly smaller than BAs offering, the TV provided measures in at 10.4-inches but has over 300 hours of entertainment available. If youd rather avoid square eyes, Virgin reckons its bar will provide the perfect location for mingling with fellow passengers.

Celebrity chefs recruited by luxury leisure firm Belmond for exclusive £500 dinners

On the cuisine front, which you may want to consider after necking from pre-flight bubbly of the Gardet Brut Premier Cru variety, you may be pleased to know a celebrity chef in the form of Lorraine Pascale was responsible for the menu.

Pascale developed some signature dishes for upper class, all of which use a healthy, home-cooked approach. Promoted meals include warm salmon and lentils and chorizo with asparagus, while children can tuck into macaroni cheese and chicken tenders.

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