The lavish first class suites that airlines have to offer


Emirates is all about encouraging me-time which it considers an art form. The extremely personal area offered in its first class cabin provides passengers with individual private suites. Complete with privacy doors, travellers have access to their own mini-bar, where they can knock back beverages to their hearts content.

The suite also allows them to set the mood with lighting, combined with entertainment from a selection of over 2,500 channels, will create a private cinema-cum-concert scenario.

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If you fancy pampering yourself, theres a vanity table and mirror available, which will tie in perfectly with access to an on-board shower. Inclusive of Bvlgari toiletries, passengers are encouraged to rejuvenate themselves.

The staff on board will prepare meals when hunger strikes for passengers, even if that means a midnight snack, while fine wines can be matched to suit the dishes on offer.

And if all that pampering and prettifying has left you feeling like networking, the on-board lounge is open to both first class customers, where a dedicated bartender will whip up cocktails and canaps.

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