The leadership checklist: Being a better boss next year

To be a better leader, do the following exercise and more importantly live it daily.

Leadership purpose

* Why do you do what you do?

* Complete the sentence: My leadership purpose is __________.

* Do you live it daily?

* Imagine five years ahead and describe your ultimate vision for yourself and your organization.

* How often do you get to do what you do best every day?

* How do you put your leadership purpose to work more?


* What is vital to you?

* What makes someone a real hero?

* What makes you happy?

* Which leaders do you admire and why?

* What principles do you choose to lead by?

* When you fall or have a setback, how do you pick yourself up


* What do you like most about the vision?

* Describe the vision in one sentence.

* How can you support the vision?

* How well are you performing against the vision?


* Describe your culture in one word.

* What kind of people are you hiring?

* What talent do you attract?

* What makes someone a role model?

* Which companies do you admire and why?

* What do you like most about your culture?

* How will I sustain all of the above?

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