The least helpful questions Boris Johnson was asked in his latest #AskBoris Twitter session

Boris Johnson invited tweeters to ask him whatever they wanted and he soon received a range of interesting questions. It followed much the same tone as his last Q&A in March.

Some participants actually volunteered useful questions ? IncuBus London asked how more entrepreneurs and startups would be helped to thrive in the long-term in London. Johnson pointed to ?superfast broadband?, which has been a key area for the Conservatives to focus on, mentioned by both the IoD and FSB recently.

For the most part though, questions mostly centred on the absurd and the awkward. Johnson’s trademark hair proved a major area of discussion?

Others sought out the Conservative MP for general life advice?

Read more on Twitter:

While there were a few intrigued by his current spread of roles?

Here are a few of the other ?highlights?:

Apparently, Johnson is a glutton for punishment ? he finished his Twitter session with the announcement to stay tuned for another #AskBoris Q&A in June.

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