The Listening Company to focus on web-based development

Upton launched the business, which now turns over £26m, as a basic call centre. “But now we do a lot of multi-channel work,” he says. Enhancing the company’s use of the internet, email and also SMS will be important as Upton seeks to turn The Listening Company into the “number one provider of call centre services”.

The Listening Company aims to provide a premium call centre service. “I launched it because, generally, the public is pretty rude about call centres. I thought there must be a market to provide a better service,” Upton says.

“The consumer is beginning to put its foot down. They want to get through quick and speak to someone who knows what they’re talking about. Our proposition has been high quality service, providing an experience that at the end of the day, the consumer talks about.”

That means every communication Upton’s employees have needs to be considered as special. “We have quality statements everywhere,” he notes. “We stress the importance of each call, each email and each SMS.”

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