The most popular destinations for luxury adventures and the activities of choice

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Latest Business Classdevelopments weve seen in the travel space have included the news Robert De Niro is opening a luxury hotelin Covent Garden, while Uber and Absolut aligned to take customers on a VIP Ibiza trip.

Still, that can all be considered quite tame if you prefer to have your pulse racing from an adrenaline rush when overseas.

Indeed, according to Virtuoso, 95 per cent of advisors have experienced an sales increase in travel surrounding adventure and activities a trend they expect to continue growing over the next two to three years.

The growth in travel of an exploring nature has been attributed to peoples desire to have meaningful experiences that will create lifelong memories . Virtuoso pointed to a bucket list attitude, with exotic locations in possession of considerable allure .

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The findings showed the top ten adventure destinations growing in popularity are:

(1) Iceland
(2) Galapagos/Ecuador
(3) Costa Rica and Chile/Patagonia (tie)
(4) New Zealand
(5) Peru
(6) Cuba
(7) Antarctica
(8) Arctic/North Pole
(9) South Africa
(10) Australia

The popularity of Latin America was attributed to its size and mixture of both nature and culture. Meanwhile, it’s upscale travellers that seek heading to the Artic region.

But what do they do upon arrival at the locations The preferred activities are revealed on the next page, as well as a break down of the traveller demographics.

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