The multi-dimensional future of retail: Online players getting into the offline game


Talking about multi-dimensional shopping and experiences: augmented reality is giving the raise to the next level of webrooming and steps it up when it comes to convenient shopping we often talk about.

Until recently webrooming would refer to customers doing their research online but ultimately buying products offline or in-store. With the accessibility and availability of such applications as Augment, shoppers can now ‘try’ a variety of products from the convenience of their chosen location.

With the tap of the screen, such innovators are working on minimising the guesswork in buying as well allowing for an instant product access. This is a major change in customer shopping experience where companies are looking into more dimensional retail capabilities.

Companies such as Coca-Cola, Loreal and Siemens are already experimenting with the technology and we expect many more to follow.

Pop-up shops

Pop-up shop startup Appearhere – recently a partner of the Virgin Foodpreneur Festival – is making it easy for companies and brands to test their offline strategy.

The British company is an online marketplace for shop space and connects landlords to renters and has already been used by companies including Google and Microsoft to find short-term space.

The future of retail is multifaceted and diverse and needs to consider a multi-dimensional approach.

Viktoria de Chevron Villette is the co-founder of Millennial 20/20. The Millennial 20/20 Summit is the world’s first gathering of brands, businesses and industry leaders who target the Millennial generation, taking place in April 2016. For more information please visit:

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