The never-ending to-do list

It is far too early to tell how long he will be off. I have to be realistic and hope that, rather than rushing back to work as has done on all previous occasions, he takes off a decent amount of time and gets properly sorted out.

Having absorbed this nasty piece of information, I then realise that both head of woodwork and my only long-term member of the sales and customer service staff are off on holiday next week. That is going to be fun!

I’m not at all sure what happened to my firm intention to have an easy summer, having been ill myself earlier in year. It looks like I’m going to be doing my own job, sales manager’s job, Second-in-Charge’s job plus, of course, deal with our new brochure – a nearly 100-page colour catalogue of current and future designs.

Feel slightly better once I’ve written my to-do list (while prepping casserole with other hand). Note to self: remember to remove strong pong of garlic prior to glamorous Ambassadors to Enterprise event tonight at Rigby & Peller. Have also planned schedules for brochure but realise it will be a challenge to say the least. Deep breath!

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