“The only ‘business partners’ you’ll meet in a bar are rent boys”

Here’s a snipped from Burton’s latest masterpiece:

Would you do business with someone you don’t like, know or trust? The answer to that questions is probably no.

Let’s switch that around. That last job you lost out on: did the person, know, like and trust you?

Meet – Like – Know & Trust. That’s my mantra. The culture I live by in business.

In business networking and the wider "networking" I’ve had people come up to me pished in trendy London bars, pushing cards into my hand, as if somehow the title on the card or the name of the company circumvents everything I normally check.

It’s what I term a "bullshit" arms race. You see it all the time. People babbling on about how important they are, or how big their last deal was. We’ve only just met! I’m not interested in your hedge funds. I’m certainly not interested that you’ve got a Triple Turbo Zonda…

Read Brad Burton’s hilarious column here.

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