The operator of the future understands how to manage its past

From deploying a new service to altering an existing one, legacy systems can constrain an operator?s service agility. Integrations across OSS and BSS can impact a number of processes and functions such as customer service and billing.

Benoit Reillier, managing director at Launchworks Ventures and industry veteran, says: ?Launching new services often requires changes to numerous platforms and interfaces which takes a lot of time and resources. Operators need to find ways to overcome these rigidities to meet the increasing demand for new innovation services.?

In order for businesses to prosper in this space, they require service agility and adaptable responsive service creation.

Reillier adds, ?That would allow us to be ahead of the game, but to do that we?d have to invest a significant amount of budget and resource and recognise that the costs associated with many legacy platforms are sunk.?

If operators decide not to invest in new platforms, then outsourcing and partnering are reasonable options.

Reillier says, ?If it is available, why not ride on the back of someone else?s state of the art technology, which allows you to do the service creation and keep the billing and all other systems in line and consistent.?

Scott Goodwin is CEO of?weavesys

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