The payment revolution has arrived

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Mobile payments are, without any doubt, going to change the way that SMEs and small traders do business.?Already 20 per cent of web browsing happens on mobile phones, but only 25 per cent of small businesses currently have a mobile-enabled website.?

Additionally, most small businesses and tradesmen couldn’t easily take credit card payments due to the complexities involved with setting up the technical infrastructure, the long-term contracts and the significant upfront and ongoing costs.

But the world is changing. It’s high time for small businesses, tradesmen and freelancers to join the mobile revolution and go mobile.

British Business Goes Mobile

Our friends and partners Huddlebuy want to help you go mobile by offering Real Business readers a very special deal: Huddlebuy is giving away 10,000 iZettle mobile credit-card readers and fully-mobile websites… for free!

That’s right ? it’s free, with no catches. After signing up on Huddlebuy’s website, you will receive an iZettle chip-card reader which will enable you to instantly take payments on the go, using your smart phone. Once you activate your iZettle reader by taking the first transaction, you will also be given the chance to have a fully mobile website as well.

There are no charges or tie-ins. Yes, iZettle users have to pay a transaction fee when they use credit cards to take payments, but this is just 2.75 per cent, a similar (and often cheaper) rate to most retail credit card terminals.

This is a saving of ?213 for Real Business readers and it isn’t being offered anywhere other than by Huddlebuy ? so sign up to this exclusive free deal now.?The savings come from ?20 for the iZettle product and ?193 from our free mobile site for life.?

Forget the days where you have to wait months to get your invoice paid ? using iZettle, you’ll be able to charge customers there and then, with money hitting your account almost instantly.

Are you ready to?join the mobile payment revolution? Sign up now.

Click here to get your free iZettle mobile credit-card reader

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