The people problem: a start-up’s perspective

“You have to manage the goals and aspirations of each individual and understand how all of that fits into the business at large,” he says. “That’s not set in stone like other things.”

Innovantage provides business intelligence about online recruitment advertising. It launched in 2007 and has a sales team of seven people in Cardiff where the company is based, a team of four developers and two non-executive directors in Bath.

“Trying to find good people and keep them is another challenge,” Dewstowe offers. “Your biggest asset will always be your people and I’m very conscious of that.”

Dewstowe comes from both IT and recruitment stock. After completing a degree in computer science and maths, he then became a software engineer, moved into IT management then IT recruitment and sales.

He has big plans for Innovantage. “We’re currently looking to secure another round of funding to launch – a classified search portal,” he says, adding that there’s already interest in the concept.

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