The Peter Hain principle

It’s been quite a few weeks for bunglers.

First, Peter Hain "forgot" to declare more than £100,000 of donations to his deputy Labour leadership bid.

Then Rudy Giuliani concocted the biggest foul-up in American political history by saving all his guns for the Florida primary… and then limping in third. As Kevin Connoly put it in his terrific analysis on the BBC:

"We always knew that Mr Giuliani’s strategy of focusing his time, energy and money in the first big state to vote was one of two things; either a stroke of political genius that would rewrite the rule book about how you run for the presidency, or an act of madness that would see the long-time Republican front-runner fall at the first hurdle.

"Now we know which it was".

With these tales of woe in mind, here’s a reminder of how to spot incompetence in your own business. Beware, this is not comfortable reading.

The ten habits of incompetent managers

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