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The power of video content discussed by British marketing agencies

We recently featured an article focusing on advice from successful UK startups for businesses looking to integrate video content to their marketing strategies.

As such, we’ve followed up on the learnings shared by the likes of YPlan, speaking with the top British content marketing agencies for their expert insights.

We asked the firms to share how important they believe video is to content marketing campaigns, as well as their advice for businesses looking to incorporate video content to their marketing strategies.

Katherine Punch, the head of marketing at August Media, a creative communications agency specialising in print and digital content, said: Video is not just a key component of any omni-channel content marketing campaign, its popularity with customers makes it one of the most prolific platforms used by content marketers and its usage is set to grow.

Offering stats to support her argument, Punch continued: Originally a text medium, the internet is becoming increasingly video-based: currently 50 per cent of internet traffic is video and, according to a January 2014 Cisco report, that figure will have reached 69 per cent by 2017. The Journal of Experimental Psychology found that after 72 hours the average person will remember ten per cent of text, 65 per cent of an image and 95 per cent of a video.

However, it is not just the cut-through of video that makes it attractive for clients to consider but its shareability that sees its value soar. Investment in, and planning of, distribution are key to engagement and ultimately optimum success. But like any channel, without a deep understanding of the audience and a compelling creative concept, it’s just more noise.

Sharon Tanton, creative director of Valuable Content, was next to offer her expertise. Valuable Content is a specialist content marketing consultancy and training firm with a determined focus on helping independent businesses to make the changes they need to win with their marketing.

Video hasnt played a huge part in our own content marketing campaigns so far, but thats about to change with the launch of our training and coaching programmes. Weve got a very long way with written content, but video is a tool that will get us to the next level. Video is a huge help when you’re looking to establish trust quickly online, so well be investing in video to help people get a real feel of how we can help,” said Tanton.

She added how valuable it is for brand positioning and said: Video is a gift for content marketers who want to build their brands, connect with more people, and deepen their credibility (thats all of us!). Video covers a lot of bases, but there are a few types that are most useful to the small business content marketer. These include case studies and testimonials, creative brand stories, first-meeting videos, How to videos, presentation videos, interview style videos, slide walkthroughs and vlogs.

As with any other type of content, pick the vehicle that will help you get the meaning across most clearly. Would a 3 minute how to do x video be most useful to your customers here, or would they get more from a video case study Is it important to your business that people get to see your face and hear your voice, or would an animation tell the story of what you do more effectively

Remember, people will give you more time the further they are on the road to a sale. If theyre in early research mode, you probably have a minute or less of their attention. Serious evaluation time Theyll give you longer up to three minutes. And if they really want to learn as long as it takes.

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