The power of video content discussed by British marketing agencies

Now we have advice from Roger Barr, the co-founder and group digital director of Mediablaze. Mediablaze is a content marketing agency founded by journalists, editors and publishers, which creates content that drives brand engagement and product sales.

According to Barr: Video content plays a critical role in any brands content marketing strategy. Video content is extremely important and has been central to many content marketing campaigns Mediablaze has produced. Its critical to create branded content thats appropriate for the media channel and to ensure it will appeal to the brands target audience.

Storytelling concepts need to entertain, inspire and encourage consumers to share content with friends, family and colleagues. Video can be used to drive brand engagement and to build a community of followers. Its important to think about distribution channels. Its not all about YouTube, there are now a variety of social platforms available to you to extend reach, engagement, likes, share and comments.

Discussing risk and missed opportunities, Barr added: Where relevant, integrate video content that resides on a brands blog into the brands retail site. As the Guardian recently reported, by 2017 video will account for 69 per cent of all consumer internet traffic therefore brands not including it in their content marketing strategies will do so at their peril.

Finally we have guidance from Ben Parkinson, account manager at Headstream.Headstream is a content marketing agencythat specialises in using content to make brands more visible and relevant in a connected world.

Video is one of the most important parts of our content marketing campaigns. It is the most visual and creative outlet that we can use to effectively tell the stories of the brands we work on,” said Parkinson.

The medium is constantly evolving with brands being able to adapt and tap into different communities through different forms of video from beautifully shot hero content that lives on YouTube channels, to bitesize videos that are seeded across other platforms such as Instagram, to more recently Twitters Periscope that gives brands the ability to connect with their audiences directly through a live video stream.

My most important piece of advice is that budget isnt everything. Some of the most effective video content I have seen has been created out of nothing, GoPro are experts at this and regularly repurpose their own customers content. The most important thing is to truly understand your brands story and then use video to ultimately connect with your audience leveraging the emotion behind the story to help enable them to buy into your brand itself and not just a product.

If you’re a looking to integrate video content to your marketing strategies, take on board the insights and learnings provided by these successful content marketing agencies.

Garth Haley is director of Hyperfine Media.

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