“The press is pulling the economy down”

"I’m a believer that optimism begets optimism," continues Phillips. "Once the cycle starts perpetuating itself, the myth or belief will, in fact, become a reality."

Phillips set up her King’s Lynn-based business 11 years ago and now employs over 250 people. She believes the press must focus on smart businesses who are using the downturn to their advantage and putting new disciplines in place so they’ll emerge even stronger when the economy turns. "The media must show that there is still success in our midst," she says. "Once this is established, those reading the papers will genuinely believe that there’s light at the end of the tunnel (and it isn’t the train!) and get on with life."

Phillips is one of the stars of our recent supplement on Britain’s 100 Most Entrepreneurial Women, published in association with Bank of Scotland Corporate to celebrate the females who are runing organisations that break new ground, create new jobs and grow sustainably.

"If we entrepreneurs didn’t have the opportunity to get our ‘optimistic fix’ from magazines, and websites like Real Business, no doubt we would all be far more miserable having had the papers ram gloom and doom stories down our throats over breakfast!" says Phillips.

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