The real Alan Sugar

Just back from Destination Growth, a conference organised by East of England Development Agency, where I was one of privileged few to attend a Q&A with Lord Sugar.

There was some cock-up with the list and my badge didn’t let me in so it was only by kind intervention of the ex-business editor of Cambridge Evening News that I ended up in the press office and was subsequently taken through the queue like a VIP – much to my embarrassment.   Anyway back to Suralun, who I was absolutely riveted to see live. What doesn’t come across on the box is that he is 100 per cent passionate about this country, the mistakes we have made in industry and getting things back on track. He just about masked both temper and tiredness to answer a mix of questions, capped by two African gentlemen who interrogated him about his lack of doing business in Africa. I was pushed to see how that line of questioning was relevant to an East of England conference…

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