The reasons 7.5m UK workers want to swap a pay rise for home working

The Institute of Inertia, forged by and the University of Sheffield is behind the report ahead of National Work From Home Day on 20 May.

The main reason for seeking the opportunity to work from the comfort of their homes was fewer interruptions, as cited by 66 per cent. In terms of benefits, results showed that 48 per cent of workers are happier when they can work from home, while 32 per cent of staff said they feel more productive.

According to the Institute, 48 per cent of employees never work from home, but 60 per cent said they would if given the green light from their boss to do so. Interestingly, seven million workers said working from the office created ?procrastination or inertia issues?.

The five best and worst office views that Britain has to offer

?We have a flexible working policy at and so we’ve seen first hand the boost to productivity and engagement that can come as a result of this approach,? said Simon McCulloch, director of insurance at

?Flexible work shows that our employees are a recognised and trusted part of the business ? meaning happier staff that stay longer.?

Continue reading for the top five reasons British workers want to avoid the office on the next page, as well as how the trend affects staff depending on their age.

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