The recruitment rush

When recruitment goes well, it can be a very exciting thing. Was thrilled to see my new lady start in sales yesterday – even though I was aware that, given the last-minute scramble, we didn’t present the most organised front.

However, ex right-hand in now for a couple of days intensive training, after which am hoping to also spend some time with her. Head of sales reporting good first impressions on phone so up and away there.   Today sees extremely nice and (judging from pics of work) very talented addition to furniture-making side. He should bring a very good balance – all of our lot know their jobs backwards and are brilliant at what they do but he is technically trained having a degree in furniture-making and design and therefore should complement existing team perfectly.  When existing members get over fear, should make a wonderfully winning combination. Meanwhile, the new designs are flying – as usual making self hugely unpopular by whizzing round finished pieces and going “No – needs to be half an inch thinner”… but will all be worth it in the end.

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