The reputation doctor: “How do I get traffic to my blog?”

Q: A few of my artists frequently boast to me about their really high blog and website hits per day (500+). On a lucky day – I think we had a helping hand from the Creative Review Twitter! – we received around 300 hits in a single day. I Facebook and Twitter my blogs; I mention the blog on my mailouts and I have accounts with Delicious, Technorati, etc. And although my hits have improved, they average around the 100 hits/day mark. How can I improve my blog traffic without spamming people’s comment boxes or signing up to a third party”

A: Building a readership for your blog is a long-term endeavour. There are two angles that you should be looking at: increasing the loyalty of your readers and increasing the number of new visitors.

Your best course of action for increasing loyalty is simply (it’s not that simple at all, in fact) to put out great content and encourage people to sign up to email/RSS. In terms of acquiring new visitors to your site, Google and the other search engines are likely to be one of your best channels.

There is so much to say about this but at its most basic, I would recommend thinking about creating fantastic, shareable content and spreading the word about it. As you get this going, think about the words you are using when you write and ensure that you are targeting the words and phrases that potential customers use when seeking information about your services. For short-term traffic hits, social media sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon love interesting/useful/funny content and are also a solid way of building long-term brand loyalty.

I would highly recommend reading the guide to blogging from our Seattle-based partners SEOmoz:

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