The seven deadly sins of commuting

There are so many reasons to hate commuting to work. From dangerous drivers to unexpected delays and people shouting down their mobiles, it can be a truly hellish experience.

With an average one-way commute of 29 minutes, Britons spend a lot of time getting to and from work. Yet it isn?t so much the time, rather than the experience, that ruins people?s commutes.

In a survey of over 10,000 workers, workspace provider Regus has identified the UK?s ?seven deadly sins? of commuting:

  1. Bad/dangerous drivers
  2. Delays and service interruptions
  3. Road rage
  4. Lack of information from service providers
  5. People talking too loudly on their mobile phones
  6. Pollution and overheating
  7. Rude behaviour from other passengers
Any of those ring any bells? They sure do at Real Business Towers ? delays and overcrowding make our blood boil.

?Being left in the dark about service interruptions or traffic jams is a killer for the calm and productive working day,? says Celia Donne, regional director at Regus.

?The mobile phone pest also evidently remains with us, with offenders not realising ? or caring ? that they?re ruining many people?s day right from the start. The rude behaviour of fellow commuters is a sure way to get the day off to a bad start.?

Regus?s solution ? surprise, surprise ? is to advocate flexible working locations and hours. (In a Regus office, no doubt!)

Our solution? Just turn your music up and think of?sweet kittens.

Fact: kittens make you happy

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