The taming of the Rottweiler

That was some marathon watching. The episode proper, followed by You’re Fired, then back to BBC One for You’re Hired. My eyes were square as an old Amstrad by the end of it all. But I have to admit, though it pains me, a tear came to my eye as the third and final dollop of Apprentice goodness faded from the screen.

I was pretty gutted that Claire didn’t get it. But then, there’s no love greater than reformed hate, and I really despised her at the beginning of the series. That motormouth garbling! And that time when she laid into the lovely Simon Smith, “you were shouting, you were sweating. Ergh. It was really unpleasant.”

But what a turnaround. In the boardroom last night, there was the self same Simon, dry as a bone and rooting for Claire to win. She sat calmly through the final selection, waiting for her turn to speak, even pointing out at one stage, when her silence was noted, “I’m not interrupting.”

Damn, that girl is smart. She’s learnt a whole bag of tricks over this series. She’s lost the posturing, the attitude, the bitchiness. I’m surprised her head isn’t bulging with the wealth of new information contained within. No wonder old grizzly bear isn’t worried about her future: she’ll probably perform a hostile takeover in five years time.

In fact, I wonder if Sir Alan didn’t choose Lee over Claire because, to put it bluntly, he was the safe bet.

Lee would never make Sir Alan feel small. Or stupid (that was two months in college not two years – how I love being an intellectual snob). Claire however, is bright as a spark plug. She also treads the fine line between assertive and “bully”. I love that girl.

Maybe Sir Alan’s going to hire her on the sly, once the furore has died down and The Apprentice news is fish wrap. Wonder what the BBC’s rules are on that” Interesting to see Simon Ambrose, last year’s TA winner, is still on the staff. Be funny if his year-long contract runs out tomorrow and he gets the chop…

I digress. It’s time to let go. So long. Farewell. Auf Wiedersehen. Goodbye.

Until next year…

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