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The three essential hires you need in your business and how to find them

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However, there comes a time when you realise that for it to grow, you simply can’t do it alone. You are only one person, and although the foundations of your business are key, you do have a limited number of hours in the week that you can physically be in your business.

The only way to grow and expand is to ensure that you free yourself up to focus on what you do best safe in the knowledge that you have people working on the fundamentals in the meantime. You can spend more time working on the business and spending time with your clients that will ultimately will give your business wings. So, time to sack the superman syndrome!

Now I understand that delegation can be scary. You are trusting someone else with your reputation, brand, standards and clients. However, taking the time to identify what you want in an employee or contractor and doing your research can help to derisk the situation. 

Of course, there is no way to really know when you take someone on they might not do it as well as you do, however, they might do it better!

So who do you need in your corner when you are growing your business

Obviously, every business is different, however the actual mechanics of running a business tend to be fairly similar. As an online business manager, I have had the opportunity to work with some fabulous high performing clients that have taken their businesses to the next level without compromising on their lifestyle. 

The top three people I recommend that you should have in your business are:

(1) A good accountant

If you get a good accountant on board you can save yourself heaps of time and pressure in sorting out your financial affairs. Not only that, but most accountants now work with your online systems (such as Xero) and can also make suggestions on how to manage your finances etc.

(2) A PA/VA or business manager 

 Invaluable. A great PA or VA can undertake all the back office, marketing and admin tasks that you dont get time to do, dont like to do or dont know how to do not only that, they will do so at a fraction of the hourly rate that you charge out to your clients. 

Likewise, a business manager, whether online or in person, can be that extra pair of hands and wing-man (or woman!) to help support you with your strategy, goal setting, team management and product launches.

(3) A great web support/IT savvy person

We rely so heavily on technology and online systems these days, however, there are very few people that hold the key to fixing things when they glitch (which you can be sure they will at some point!). 

Getting one of these people in your team is just good business sense to make sure you dont let your clients down when technology lets you down!

How do you find your people

Being clear on your expectations in the outset is the key to on-boarding successfully. Be specific. Be honest. Outline your company mission and mantra and make sure people know how important it is that they are aligned to this.

Skill sets are important, of course. You need to know that they can perform and do the job that is required. However, personality and values are equally key in order for the relationship to work and your business to be represented in the right way.

Working in an online market, most of my talent has been gained through recommendation or through social media adverts. LinkedIn groups are also a great place to recruit as you get pools of like minded individuals with a common interest readily available to you.

Whatever you go for, and however you decide to build your team and your business, the most important thing to remember is to GO WITH YOUR GUT INSTINCT. I promise it won’t let you down.

Charlotte Wibberley is the founder of Charlotte Wibberley.



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