The Times top 100 blogs

I’m linking you directly to the list because I found the foreword about "the art of blogging" rather dull. Neatly divided into sub-categories like "World Affairs", "Cult" and "Original Thinkers", I defy you not to find yourself clicking on at least one of the embedded links.

Personally I recommend Stumbling and Mumbling, which is, quite simply, awesome. And, for the hopelessly puerile (like me), Garfield Minues Garfield is GENIUS. Hours of fun.

I would also like to add a few extras to this list:-To hold your own at any "edgy" dinner party, frequented by fashionistas and culture vampires, swot up at

For a snapshot of breaking trends and "bleeding edge" companies, try

Any fans of LOLcats or JesusLOL will be instantly enamoured with

But lastly, and by no means least, our very own Real Business blog surely deserves a mention. Feel free to write to The Times and tell them as much too.

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