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The top 15 business books

The Leadership of Mohammad by John Adair: A very personal study of the leadership skills of the Prophet. A business book that crosses boundaries, it highlights the key leadership skills displayed by Mohammad and allows the reader to share in his wisdom. Adair discusses tribal leadership and essential attributes such as integrity, moral authority and humility.
ReWork: change the way your work forever by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson: Demonstrates how staying small, providing a pared down and focused service and, above all, doing away with the commercial commandments of long-term business planning, meetings and memos can make businesses leaner, more creative and more competitive.

Managing by Henry Mitzberg: Addresses the big questions in management, including: Are leaders really more important than managers” Does management style matter” Is email destroying management practice
The Intuitive Mind by Eugene Sadler-Smith: Leading intuition researcher and educator in business and management Sadler-Smith argues that human beings have one brain but two minds – analytical and intuitive. Management has overlooked the importance of intuition, and under-exploited the potential that the intuitive mind has to contribute in areas as diverse as decision making, creativity, team working, entrepreneurship, business ethics and leadership.

The World’s Business Cultures and How to Unlock Them by Barry Tomalin and Mike Nicks: With the aid of the five C’s Model, Tomalin and Nicks, demonstrate how to get communications right internationally and ensure that meetings, both face-to-face and virtual, go according to plan.
Glimmer: How design can transform your business by Warren Berger
: Berger shows how visionary thinkers are taking design principles out of the studio and applying them to the tough issues of today. By approaching problems with thought-processes that often seem counter-intuitive, designers are creating “glimmer moments” – the point when a life-changing idea crystallises in the mind – and coming up with breathtakingly innovative solutions.
Brilliant Business Creativity by Richard Hall: The essential guide to one of the most important business topics today: creativity. It provides an indispensable creative thinking toolkit to apply to any business challenge, big or small.
rEvolution: How to thrive in crazy times
by Bill Lucas: Lucas argues that the rules of evolution are changing. To thrive in our current crazy world we need a new kind of “mind-ware”. Specifically we need to develop our adaptive intelligence. rEvolution describes some of the steps to take – the new rules of change – at home, and at work to survive and thrive.
Supercorp by Rosabeth Moss Kanter: Based on a three-year worldwide research programme, provides the answer to a question crucial to both business and society more broadly: as a company grows, how can it avoid becoming a lumbering, corrupt giant” Companies such as IBM, Procter & Gamble, Mexican-based Cemex and Japanese-based Omron provide the models that businesses small and large can use to stay on track, outstrip the competition, and attract and motivate the new generation of talent.
Design-Driven Innovation by Roberto Verganti: Offers a provocative new view of innovation thinking and practice. Design-driven innovations do not come from the market; they create new markets and push new meanings. They have vision and take these visions to their consumers. Verganti explores game changers such as the Nintendo Wii and the iPod.

The Future of Work by Richard Donkin: Donkin examines the forces and themes that are influencing what amounts to a silent revolution in social behaviour. Donkin argues that this change is creating a watershed in working lives as significant as that of the factory system that heralded the Industrial Revolution. Unless we understand these forces, he warns, policies may be poorly fitted to meet the challenges ahead posed by environmental change and shrinking oil reserves.
The Leadership Illusion by T Hall and K Janman: Asserts that to make sense of leadership, we have to understand the context in which leaders operate.
Fast Track to Success: project management ebook by Patrick Harper-Smith: Demonstrates how to integrate core best-practice tools with broader business needs. It provides the key skills needed to excel in project management.

How to Lead by Jo Owen: Based on original research into over 70 of the world’s best, and a few of the world’s worst, organisations. It cuts through all the daunting hero talk and shows how to develop the skills and behaviours to succeed as a leader.

Meet the New Boss by Philip Whitely: Explores management in popular culture, using examples such A Christmas Carol, Grapes of Wrath and The Office.

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