The top 5 things British workers demand from their employers

This is essential in order to curb and mitigate the growing issue of employee turnover (which has, at least in part, has been caused by a disengaged workforce).

Futurestep’s recent ‘Innovation Imperative’ report revealed the innovative methods today’s employees are seeking from their current or prospective employer. Here are UK worker’s top five demands:

1. Flexible working hours

Some 61 per cent of UK workers have stated that more flexibility in their working hours would be an effective way to motivate them. Working from home if necessary, or starting their working day a little later or earlier, is a particularly stimulating prospect for workers. New technologies have made it easier than ever for companies to facilitate flexible working hours; The Cloud, for example, is enabling workers to take their office with them, working wherever they need to and removing the need to be in the office 9-5.

2. Financial incentives – bonuses and performance-related pay

As expected, salary or pay remains a crucial point in the employer employee relationship. Implementation of financial incentives is a particularly effective way to increase motivation and performance. So, it should come as no surprise that over a third of British employees said bonuses would have the greatest impact. Additionally, 28 per cent felt rewarding performance is a fair process in the eyes of workers.

3. Communication from higher levels and sharing strategy with lower level staff 

Another way to boost motivation amongst the workforce is by listening and taking into account their opinions. If they think their contribution isn’t recognised, or seen as worthy, they will be less inclined to achieve and meet their goals. The best managers have an excellent sharing and listening capacity for all of their employees and naturally know how to rally their team together.

4. Creative working environments

Almost 28 per cent of UK workers said that they would enjoy working in more creative working environments, such as Google, which is well known for its unique working environment. If businesses want to motivate and inspire their workers they must ensure they are thinking about the impact that an attractive working space can have. To be ahead of the competition a modern working environment and access to the most innovative technology is indispensable.

5. Extra-curricular projects supported by the businesses Corporate Social Responsibility activity programme

For 14 per cent of employees, working for a company that has a true conscience, an authentic approach to citizenship means they will likely be more enthusiastic and engaged in their jobs. Such activities can build a sense of community and teamwork which brings everyone together and leads to happier, more productive employees. A company with goals and a vision that go beyond products and profits creates a warmer, engaging image of your business that consumers will be more eager to engage with.

The needs of the workforce have changed. Although financial benefits still remain important, they are not the only way to attract, engage and retain current and future employees. Flexible working, creative office spaces and solid CSR programme all help to guarantee a motivated workforce. Businesses need to tackle these priorities to ensure the retention of valuable talent as the overall economy improves.

Neil Griffiths is Global practice leader of talent communications and employer brand at Futurestep

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