The UK must be more supportive of its businesses, claims FSB

Cherry will tell the FSB’s policy conference: ?We need to focus the minds of policymakers on the needs of small businesses and how to create the right environment for firms to start up, grow, invest and employ more people.

?We must create a culture that celebrates their success, the benefits they bring to society and remove the stigma of business failure.?

The FSB will use the conference to reiterate calls for a US-style small business administration (SBA), which would bring together access to finance, public procurement, export advice and business support under one powerful body with a seat in the cabinet.

Karen Mills, former head of the American SBA and a speaker at the conference said: ?When small business has a seat at the table we can more effectively focus on entrepreneurship and innovaiton, which are critical components to a strong economic game plan in today’s world.?

The FSB also called for the government to reform the business rates system and improve small firms’ access to finance.

Cherry will say: ?No longer should supporting firms be a ‘nice to have’ that comes as an afterthought to policymaking.

?Just as our world-class large businesses are vital for prosperity, small firms too are the lifeblood of our economic well-being and need a similar level of focus. We must hardwire the vital role they play in the economy into our thinking. ?

Real Business will be covering the FSB’s policy conference live today. For all the latest happenings follow us on Twitter and our reporter Jack Torrance 

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