The UK needs to catch-up to the US

Speaking at the Women of the Future Economic Empowerment Summit in London, Nooyi said there are “not many people like me who have broken through into C-suite jobs” in the UK. “The US has made progress,” she added.

In the US, Nooyi continued, a tipping point has been reached “after which women are much more accepted in the workforce”.

Nooyi was elected to PepsiCo’s board and was named president and chief financial officer in May 2001. She became president and CEO of PepsiCo in October 2006 and in May 2007, assumed the role of chairman and CEO. Nooyi has also held senior roles at Asea Brown Boveri and Motorola.

Nooyi said organisations in the US, such as women’s lobby group Catalyst, have raised the consciousness of women in the workplace and other related issues.

She’s confident the UK can eventually get to where the US is today. “If you reach that tipping point, things will change,” Nooyi says.

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