The UK sectors that put in the most unpaid overtime

(3) Hospitality – 6.1 hours a week

A CV Library survey of more than 16,000 workers revealed that the average day for a hospitality worker is eight hours and 12 minutes. It also reported that 84.4 per cent of staff work overtime, compared with just 60 per cent nationwide – making the sector among the most likely to work beyond contracted hours.

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(4) IT & Tech – 5.6 hours a week

Instead of statistics, here’s a snapshot story for you. Some ten years ago Erin Hoffman began an online journal detailing her husband’s experience working at an EA game development studio. He worked 12-hour days, six days a week, and when it came to looming deadlines, things got worse. “The current mandatory hours are 9am to 10pm – seven days a week,” she wrote, “with the occasional Saturday evening off for good behaviour (at 6:30pm).”

(5) Marketing/media/creative – 5.1 hours a week

Much like the figures for engineering, despite the cited research coming from 2012, much doesn’t seem to have changed for the sector for it to still be included in a list for overtime pay. The TUC claimed media workers were giving away more than £5,000 in unpaid overtime every year, with the average employee in the media industry working 7.4 hours on top of their contracted hours each week.

(6) Health & Social Care – 4.9 hours per week

One only needs to take a look at the recent junior doctor disputes to realise workers are unhappy with their state of work. In fact, the issue of unpaid overtime is high on the agenda in the healthcare sector, especially the NHS, where younger workers called for a move to a “true” seven-day healthcare service.

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