The UK?s fastest growing private companies: Hot 100 2015 ? (4) LSE Retail Group

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Name: LSE Retail Group
Industry/sector: Retail and related services
Date founded: 2009
The boss: David Gutfreund
Location: North West
Latest turnover: ?10.2m
Three-year compound growth rate (%): 88.7
Latest EBITDA: ?1.8m

Manchester-based LSE Group is a trade-facing enterprise that specialises in home lighting. It supplies a variety of electrical goods including lamps and lights for ceilings, tables, walls, outdoors, designers, floodlights, spotlights and more to retailers and wholesalers.

Established in 2009, customer service is a priority at the Salford site where thousands of products can be found. It also believes that, along with competitive pricing and deals for buyers, its secure parking, covered loading bays and friendly atmosphere keep customers coming back for more.

It seems to be right. The firm has successfully entered the Hot 100 in at number four with latest turnover figures of ?10.2 million and a growth rate of 88.7 per cent.

Import is a key component of the company’s business as suppliers can be found across Europe and the far east, while some are also in the UK, which provides LSE with a variety of pricing options when it comes to supporting customers.

Another area that supports LSE’s growth is home lighting brand MiniSun, which provides fixtures for homes and businesses across the country. With a desire to be the leader in lighting technology, the company has partnered LSE to make it the sole distributor of its low energy lighting. As such, it’s making the products available to the likes of eBay, Amazon and Tesco Direct.

?Here at MiniSun our products offer vision, not through light but through insight, with the MiniSun team endeavouring to be at the forefront of ground-breaking lighting design,? said the brand.

?The MiniSun range features a collection of cutting edge lights including unique Seasonal Affective Disorder Light Pads that can help improve your lifestyle by promoting healthier sleeping patterns. The Light Pad also aids in improving concentration and relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety.

?MiniSun have designed a wide range of task lamps, making projects and hobbies far easier to complete with higher accuracy. This also includes our professional LED light pad range, designed for creative professionals to carry out artistic tasks with ease. At MiniSun we go the extra mile ? we aren?t simply about delivering the ordinary but innovating the extraordinary.?

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