The ultimate guide to business cards: From etiquette to shape and size

Business card shapes

The more innovative, the better. Although a well thought out standard card does the trick, people will remember your card, even if they don’t need to use your business, if you’ve put thought into its shape and dimension. Show off your creative side!

Adding rounded corners to a standard sized card, according to allBcards, ?tells your customers and clients that you are open and friendly?. They further suggest that this type of card works well with warm colours and Sans Serif fonts.

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Mini business cards are quite popular these days. Unusually, they are 2.75×1.0 mm. They are often found in promotional settings such as exhibitions.

Then comes the square. By using this kind of shape, you’ll have to carefully think about what information to add as your card will start looking way too crowded if you add the same amount if details you would on a standard size. What often helps is cutting your tagline, if you choose to add it, in half, or by making use of the border.

Circular cards are also a great way to stand out. They’re pretty unique and you can be extremely creative with them.

It is through the unconventional and well thought out shapes, however, that you will make the most impact. Are you selling cupcakes? Then why not make a cupcake shaped card? If you walk dogs, then what about a dog cut out?

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You can even make it interactive. What about an origami business card, or one with pop-up functionality?

For example, a divorce lawyer’s business card could have a perforated line through the middle so it becomes easy to tear in two. Simple but effective.

But remember that your card shape, much like the colour, sends a message. Don’t shape your card like a dog if you want to set a serious and professional tone, no matter how much you want it. The shape of your cards speaks volumes about your corporation’s attitude.

And make sure they can squeeze it into a wallet!

Getting people to keep your cards

At a networking event, or even in the general corporate world, it’s essential to remember that people receive cards on a daily basis. The easy part is to get them to take your card, but how do you get them to keep it?

The easiest way to do this is by making your card have a functionality, or by having an incredible design. When it comes to the latter part, remember that business cards have two sides – splurge all you want on wow-factor graphics on the one side if need be. Remember: if it’s pretty, people will find themselves more reluctant to throw it away.

But what about when it comes to functionality?

What about a QR code? It’s pretty unique. This way you get to focus on design rather on what type of information to add. Most phone’s come with QR readers nowadays. By scanning the code, the persons details will automatically be added to your phone contacts.

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You can even be really fun and remove the paper element of your business card altogether. If you’re a beer company, then why not add your details to a metal ‘card’. This way you could create a bottle opener.

If you make cookies then add your details to, well, cookies (just remember that cookies can be eaten, and then your details are gone). You can even make it a USB so they can store information on it.

Or, be straight up and tell consumers to keep a hold of it. Have you ever gone to a coffee shop and been given a card where they give you a stamp every time you visit until you get one for free? Let them earn a reward. Give them the same kind of incentive.

Tell them that your card, in a sense, will save them money. This can be in the form of a coupon. You can even add a unique code number to your card saying that if they type it into your site, they’ll be given some form of discount. If you do this, however, make sure that it’s not all just a sneaky ploy. You actually have to offer them what’s been said on the card.

You can even add useful information such as a calendar or store opening times.

And if you’re part of the fashion industry, then why not add scent to your cards?

Planning an international business, export or partnering with overseas companies? Then read on for more about global business card etiquette.

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