The ultimate Real Business Facebook guide

With over 800m people on Facebook, it’s no wonder businesses deem it an important platform. But why exactly is it crucial to your business?

Unlike other platforms, you are encouraged to only add family and friends. As a business, when you connect to a single person, you have the potential to be shared with people your fans trust.

Friends and family will browse your profile because they want to know what you’re up to and what your interests are. They’ll stumble across the businesses a fan has ‘liked’, increasing your chances of gaining another customer. After all, most people become friends because they share common interests ? the chances of converting people on Facebook are high.

If you haven’t not gained the success you wished to achieve with Facebook or have yet to get your business an account, then our Facebook guide will help you reach your social media goal. Don’t miss these expert tips ? best of Real Business.

  1. Advertising on Facebook can help SMEs reach a massive audience;
  2. A single Facebook ‘like’ for a business or brand is now worth approximately ?110! So, it’s critical to find out how to increase Facebook ‘like’s’;
  3. Start a Facebook store;
  4. The cornerstone of converting fans into paying customers is to hook them with rich content and exclusive products;
  5. Featuring a social login option on your business’ website will help you collect data and you’ll do your customers a favour;
  6. Make sure to use Facebook’s ultimate weapon: Graph Search;
  7. Read up on what NOT to do;
  8. Make sure you’re constantly in the Facebook newsfeed.
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