The ultimate secret to multiplying success: Simplify first!

Think big, get clear

Paradoxically, identifying a big goal like ?ten times” as part of this process can actually help you learn to simplify more quickly. It will show you how you need to pare down, what capabilities you need to add to support you, and help you do it with much greater clarity and confidence.

See how this works for yourself: Take any positive thing in your life you?d like to multiply and imagine it ten times bigger. Now, with that in mind, measure backward to where you are now and ask:

  • What is the most productive, enjoyable activity or skill I need to focus on and develop to reach that level?
  • What additional support would I need to have around me to make this happen?
  • What tasks and relationships would I have to stop being involved in and what new relationships do I need to cultivate and
  • What has to have changed or improved in my organisation for us to reach that point?
In the face of a really big goal, it becomes clearer what supports that level of growth and what doesn’t. And as you get better at articulating a vision of the big goal you’re heading toward, you?ll make it easier for the people around you?your team members and your clientele to get excited and motivated to help you get there faster.

Another one of my clients, David Reiling, owns and operates a community development bank in the U.S. that has grown its assets from $80m (£50m) to $800m (£500m) while focusing in on a segment of the market that other banks weren?t interested in: low-income and immigrant workers. The more good we do,” he says, the more profit seems to come our way. And he fully expects to multiply his business like this again: “The second ten times is going to be easier than the first because it’s intentional and conscious. And it’s hard to say you can’t do something when you’ve already done it once.

The transformation of complexity is a constant process. The most successful entrepreneurs I work with are always encountering new levels of it with each new stage of success. The difference is that they have the confidence of knowing they?re capable of transforming it into greater and greater levels of simplicityAnd that every time they?ve done this, life has always been better on the other side of that barrier.

If you learn to transform complexity into simplicity, you?ll disarm one of the biggest obstacles to entrepreneurial growth. And instead of overwhelming fear, what you?ll feel in the face of a new opportunity will be motivation and excitement?which let you imagine, and achieve, bigger goals.

Dan Sullivan has over 38 years” experience as a highly regarded speaker and coach to entrepreneurs, and is the founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc.

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