The utterly ridiculous “20-hour work week” theory

Well, there we go then. I?m nearly done for the week already and might as well put my feet up and hope my business survives and the UK puts itself right. 

Do these people live in the real world? Maybe the geniuses at the New Economics Foundation who came up with this drivel live in a cotton-wool coated existence where they can spend a few hours a day dreaming up these reports before heading off to spend time on their hobbies.

But that?s not the case for the rest of us. We have to work hard for as long as possible to pay the bills and provide a good standard of living for our families.  

Lots of us would like to work less and spend more time with our other halves and the kids, but that?s just not the way it is. 

Maybe these guys have been watching too many science-fiction movies in all the spare time they?ve got to help them dream up this utopian society. 

As we know (and are told daily), we are in tough economic times. Now I?m no economist, but I do understand that if you are peddling a bicycle up a steep hill the only way to get to the top is to keeping peddling hard. Stop peddling and you?re in trouble!

If we did cut the working week, would the world around us conform quick enough to make their pie-in-the-sky idea work? Will ASDA and Tesco make everything they sell half price? Will the cost of petrol suddenly drop 50 per cent in line with 20-hour a week wages? And will landlords slash rents by half? 

What we have here is a mathematically-based hypothetical solution, not a real world solution. They might as well have said we?ll all be driving round in flying cars and be able to teleport to the Bahamas in the blink of an eye. While that all sounds wonderfully perfect, it has as much chance of happening as Ed Balls delivering a Budget speech.

Charlie Mullins launched Pimlico Plumbers in 1979 with just a bag of tools and an old van bought at auction. The company now has more than 133 professional plumbers, 35 support staff and a ?15m turnover.

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