The what and why of SEO: Mangling myths and finding facts

Any link will do

Sorry, not all links are born equal. In the dark days of so called “black hat SEO,” some practitioners would build entire websites of poor quality links, driving up search rankings with spammy inbound links.

Not only have search engine algorithms learned to recognise this poor practice, they actively now penalise websites which utilise it. Building natural, high-quality links is the way forward.

SEO is instant

Alas, it is not. It takes time to build up a positive search ranking. A huge part of SEO is building a positive digital reputation. Nobody expects to build a great reputation overnight. SEO best practice is about producing quality, relevant and respected content and building your brand online. You may not see immediate results, but you will see results.

Spending a lot on marketing doesn’t always deliver results

We did that SEO thing already

SEO is not a one-time thing, it’s an ongoing, holistic approach to your online presence. SEO best practice is all about quality and relevance. We cannot emphasise this enough. To suggest you should only strive to be quality and relevant once wouldn’t be something you’d even consider in other aspects of your business.

Startups and SMEs alike have a huge amount to gain from a detailed, quality SEO plan. There are high prices to pay for startups that do not choose to invest in SEO as competitors, those within a similar industry and hold a similar concept will soon bypass your business.

Matt Sawyer is head of digital marketing at Datadial

Why SEO strategies should move on from using a “tick-box” approach.

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