The world’s first Tibetan consumer brand

It’s come to my attention that Gloji juice (surely the world’s first Tibetan consumer brand) is about to launch in the UK.

This premium-end juice which, bizarrely, comes in a lightbulb-shaped bottle, is made from wild goji berries picked in the lower desert of Tibet. These berries are, apparently, packed with anti-oxidants and "are almost magical in their ability to change the body".

Gloji was originally launched last year by Gloji Inc, an Los Angeles-based business, and will be launched in the UK by a distributor called Liquid Lust. Its website, rather unfortunately given the reality of life for most indigenous Tibetans, says that Gloji Gold exists solely "to create an extraordinarily healthy internal environment".

Still, given the failure of diplomatic and political efforts over the past 50 years, maybe commerce can make a difference to life in Tibet. Gloji Inc says that it "will donate our profits directly to Tibet for proper care of the special place that supports future generations". No further amplification is provided.

One can’t help but marvel at the sheer brazenness of the marketeer’s mind. Whatever next – Zim Force, a new brand of Zimbabwean deodorant” Afghan Surprise, the new chocolate that really thrills”

I am nonplussed. You?

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